Conference Calling

The rising cost of air and automobile travel and safety issues force 70% of business people to look for alternatives to business travel. National ComTel’s Audio and Web Conference Calling service gives you your own, private conference line that’s available whenever you need it. You never have to make reservations to use it. So you can deal with the business at hand – instead of dealing with the hassles and fees of traditional conference calling. With cost-effective calling rates and proven reliability.

Audio & Web conferencing service allows you to hold business meetings quickly and conveniently.


Conferencing Benefits

Reduce travel costs for your company and your clients

  • Keep your distributed sales force on the same page
  • Communicate with colleagues across the office or across the country
  • Increase productivity by eliminating travel downtime
  • Arrange multi-person conferences to quickly review information & meet deadlines
  • Conduct business from the road or home
  • No hidden or set up fees
  • No minimum monthly usage
  • Less Latency than Skype 

Web Conference Calling

Web conferencing features allow you to conduct business your way, whether that’s from your office, home or on the road. With functionality like document sharing, interactive chat and integrated audio.

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