Toll Free Domestic & International

Award Winning Toll Free Service

 SMS ranked National ComTel as #2 in the USA for “Ease of Use” with toll free number set up and  functionality in 2009.

A toll-free number from NCT makes it easier for you to conduct business nationwide. NCT can order a new toll-free number for you directly from our own bank of toll free numbers or can search the national data-bank for a specific number. Otherwise you can move an existing number to our service. Either way, you’ll be able to take incoming calls at the same great rates you enjoy like that on NCT long distance us calling.


Toll Free Domestic Calling

  • Toll-free service encourages people inside and outside your geographic area to do business with you. NCT can allow calls to your toll free number from across the nation or from a specific location. For businesses seeking a cost-effective and reliable toll-free calling infrastructure to terminate calls made via 8xx numbers on the PST, NCT can assist you quickly and professionally.
  • NCT can offer a new voice service that terminates calls originating on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) – via toll-free numbers – to IP endpoints with one of our partners. Calls can be placed via NCT and our partners’ switch-assigned or customer-ported toll free numbers. Once a call is placed, it’s converted to IP.
  • The IP media is transported over a MPLS-enabled backbone to a customer’s IP voice application.
  • For up-to-date results of your marketing campaign, users of toll free numbers may be interested in receiving a daily usage report for their number. You may get a report emailed to you automatically, at no extra charge, of all callers to your toll free number on the previous day.
  • This report can include information tailored to your needs with such data as originating number, terminating number, time of call and length of call. To schedule your automatic next day report, give customer service a call!

Toll Free International Calling

  • There are two main international toll free platforms available today. NCT offers both, and NCT has one of the quickest turn around times to date compared to competitors. While larger companies require ten weeks on average to complete and international order, NCT has been completing those same orders in six to eight weeks.
  • Single Country International Toll free numbers (ITFS) consists of a simple process. You inform us of the country that you would like to receive calls from, we re-route those calls via a “port of entry” to your local domestic toll free number which then terminates normally on your local number. All three legs for one low price of .41/min. Simple! Universal International Toll Free (UIFN) is basically the same process. Currently there are twenty five countries participating in this program, and this list does change from time to time.
  • We ask that you provide us with the list of countries that you would accept calls from. And the same process takes place. However, we do have to wait for each country to accept the one toll free number and then load it into their own system. As the number is accepted by each country we will notify you of its status. Included is a list of current countries and their own specific country codes.