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Actual Agreement or Being Pre-Sold

It is a little known fact except in the telecom industry that a sales rep, broker or agent for the big providers, (call for names) can pre-sell a project under the cover name of an agreement.  After signatures are acquired, it then goes to the construction department... read more

Knowing Enough to be Dangerous

We have been working with a potential customer for nearly two years.  They ask questions which is wonderful and kudos to them for that.  However, they have a history of taking the information that we educate them with and then attempt to do things on their... read more

Before Starting Your Business

Over our twenty-four years of providing businesses with VoIP/Internet/IT services, we are regularly asked and trusted with general business questions and concerns by customers and non-customers alike. The number of new businesses that we have assisted who are asking... read more

Streaming Bandwidth Requirements

Recently we have had many customers and non-customer alike inquire as to “how does one estimate and plan for the proper bandwidth needs for live streaming, video conferencing and other high volume traffic for their business?” Below are the Internet... read more

Wi-Fi Dangers

New and advanced technology has drastically changed the practice of law. Technology has enabled lawyers to easily access, exchange, and provide information to the courts, opposing counsel, and clients. Given the demanding nature of our work, we as attorneys have been... read more

Efficient Phone VoIP Service for A Small Business

“In the last five months our sales have increased substantially, and I have personally brought in 30% to 50% of new sales since utilizing your personally designed VoIP service.  By being able to answer the phone at a faster rate, and more often has allowed for... read more

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