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What is VoIP and who needs it




Voice over Internet Protocol – This technology is used to transmit voice conversation over a data network and is the fastest growing segment of the telecommunications industry.  VoIP is the ability to have phone service over the Internet, either through VoIP phones or directly through a computer with speakers.   Our VoIP services offers flexibility and many phone features to streamline a business’s telecommunications costs and functionality.  National ComTel is (SIP) based on a broad-soft platform.



Usually very cost effective and feature rich. Some of the most common reasons that business owners switch from traditional phone service to VoIP: 1) In-coming calls can be routed and transferred between offices in different cities. 2) Cost savings, since an Internet connection with provide enough bandwidth to run both phone and Internet services. 3) Many redundancies and back-up plans can be implemented so that you are never down. 4) Work from the office, home or the beach. 5) Easy to reprogram seats, Auto Attendants, hunts group. No special and expensive vendor required.


This solution is Internet and electrically dependant.  If for some reason you lose one or the other your business will be affected.  However, National ComTel has several emergency protocols and procedures that will keep your business connected with the world.

Who would use this?

Small mom and pops to large businesses can utilize some or all of the powerful features giving callers the personalized look that the business chooses. With multiple location companies, whether in the same state or multi-state. These businesses have a need to interconnect their businesses on a private circuit. Many of these companies have one server that houses their whole database, accounting or proprietary information in which the other locations need to access. Most seats are programmable to the customer’s needs.


Why use National ComTel?

NCT is able to couple the “Voice Pilot” VoIP product and our T-1 data circuit for a very economical solution, we can manage both pieces thus ensuring a more powerful solution for your business.  We also provide and program Polycom phones which we consider to the be best IP phone in the industry.  We carry most models and side cars for your convenience.

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