What is a T-1

What are T-1s and who needs one


Trunk Level 1 or otherwise known as a DS-1 in North America.  T-1s were developed in the 1950s which allowed for 1.54Mbps of bandwidth, for example this would support 24 voice channels for conversation and is a standard for digital transmission in the United States.  T-1s can be use strictly for voice or data or fractionalized for both voice and data needs.  a T-1 is a dedicated or private circuit for your business alone and is not shared like that of DSL or High Speed Internet.

This is a great product to work in conjunction with our VoIP.  Also know that several of our competitors actually use several channels of the 24 channels to operate their T-1, thus you are not receiving a full T-1.

Who would use this?

Small to large businesses with more than six people using the Internet at one time or six VoIP phones and moderate internet use.  Anyone who downloads or uploads large data files, if you cannot receive adequate DSL or High speed Internet to operate your interconnect needs.  T-1s are often less expensive than 24 individual lines and a DSL product.

Why use National ComTel?

NCT will know who has the best infrastructure in your area, if there are any promotions available from any of our providers, AND negotiate the best price for you our customer.  We are actually able to see what your circuit is doing through many of our providers thus having an eyes on approach for you.