What is MPLS

What is MPLS and who needs it

MPLS:  Multi-Protocol Label Switching is intended for Internet applications and is defined as “a mechanism in high-performance telecommunications networks that direct and carried data from one network node to the next, making it easy to create ‘virtual links’ between distant nodes.”

As you can imagine, when dealing with many sites, running a full-mesh of physical links from one site to another would be cost-prohibitive. To solve this problem, years ago WAN providers devised another solution: build a fault-tolerant physical topology within the provider’s cloud using Layer-2 switches.

This is a great product to work in conjunction with our VoIP.  This would further strengthen your presence by allowing all the locations to be under one phone system, there would be no need to dial a phone number when transferring a call, it call all be completed by extensions.  One office in many locations.

Who would use this? : Medium to large businesses with multiple locations, whether in the same state or multistate.  These businesses have a need to interconnect their businesses on a private circuit.  Many of these companies have one server that houses their whole database, accounting or proprietary information in which the other locations need to access.

Why use National ComTel? :  NCT will know who has the best infrastructure in your area, if there are any promotions available from any of our providers, AND negotiate the best price for you our customer.  Since we have a larger geographical foot print than most providers, we are better suited and able to interconnect most of the states that you may wish to connect on a private circuit.