What is High Speed Internet

What is High Speed Internet (or Broadband)? And who needs it?

High Speed Internet or Broadband:  A generic name for a family of digital lines being provided by a local carrier. This can also be referred to as DSL. Typically this service is brought in on a pair of copper or fiber lines. Such services propose to give the subscriber up to 8 million bits per second downstream and less upstream to the phone company. The amount of available bandwidth available is based on how far away you are from the central office, the farther away, the less your bandwidth you receive.

Look at it this way, a phone company may promise you or “provide up to 20 Mbps” at your location. That is a lot of bandwidth, however this is a shared allotment and if shared with 40 other people in your building, on your block or in an office, you are now you are receiving .5 Mbps, therefore not so much anymore… So when employees get back from lunch and start checking their email or when kids get home from school and parents home from work you will see a degradation of service. That is why we may suggest a dedicated circuit for your business.

Who would use this? : Residential use, all business, small to large can utilize this service. There are many options and configurations that need to be addressed before ordering so that the allotted bandwidth is properly utilized for your network and VoIP.

Why use National ComTel? :  NCT will know who has the best facilities (bandwidth) in your area, if there are any promotions available from any of our providers, AND negotiate the best price for you our customer. NCT will also pre confirm the address that this product is available for in advance of your moving there.