Traditional Phone & Long Distance Service

Reliable Local Phone Service

Reliable, quality local phone service is a business’s most basic connection to their customers.   Business communication between vendors, partners and employees and requires an effective internal system connected to a reliable facility network.

  • Traditional, land-line phone service – Analog lines (underground copper or fiber optic lines).  Land lines, also known as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service (now there’s a technical term)) is 99% effective and always on.  Traditional, land-line phone services keep your business running even during power outages or when the Internet is down or slow.
  • DYIA Service – Voice service using a combination of analog and internet service that connects over analog lines.
  • VoIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocol) – Voice phone service over the Internet using a VoIP phone system or an ATA box between your computer and regular phone that converts the Internet signal to voice quality signal.

We offer one of the most competitive voice and data services available today. NCT provides industry-leading quality that will help enable you to improve operations effectiveness, maintain reliability and most importantly, lower costs and increase your bottom line.


Cost-Saving Long Distance Service

  • Long Distance Switched Service is a complete end-to-end solution for intrastate, interstate and international outbound voice and data service originated via switched access.
  • Long Distance Dedicated Service provides a complete end-to-end solution for intrastate, interstate and international outbound voice and data services originated over T-1 Dedicated Access Lines from an end user’s phone system Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or other Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) or VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)  connection.
  • Project codes can be set up to track calls by employee or account, which is a great feature for law firms and any other company who tracks their calls.

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