FAQ – Questions You Need To Ask

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:

Is National ComTel able to tailor my service for my specific needs?

  • Absolutely, National ComTel is one of only a few companies nationwide that will design a specific solution for the customer.  A la carte solutions are a powerful benefit for our customers.  No single out of the box solution for all customers.  You pay for only the service that you need.

Can I view and pay my invoices on line?

  • Yes, you may receive your invoice either by mail, email, online or even on a CD for large usage customers.  We also have a state of the art online payment system with receipts.

Our company is moving. Can we keep our telephone number?

  • National ComTel will do everything possible to keep your phone number when you move. However, it may not be possible to keep your phone number depending upon where you move. We have a very high success rate (99.90%) in porting your number to our service.  Please contact us ASAP to determine the best solution.

Can we keep our toll free number when switching to National ComTel?

  • Absolutely you may keep your toll free number when switching to our service. National ComTel specializes in toll free service and has been rated #2 in the country with this service.  You will be asked complete a RESP ORG form to identify your toll free number when you set up your service with National ComTel.

How do I ensure that my previous provider stops billing me for my services?

  • We would like to make the transition of your telecommunication services from your previous carrier as convenient and trouble-free as possible. To ensure the billing portion of this process is completed properly we ask that you please contact the billing department of your previous carrier(s) once your services are transferred to National ComTel, we will assist you with general information to make the call as simple and quick as possible.
    Even though they may no longer be providing you service, it is best to confirm that they have stopped billing for services they no longer provide. This notice by you will prevent any continued billing, thereby preventing double billing errors. Be sure to wait until all services have transitioned to National ComTel before canceling service with your previous carrier.

What is my billing cycle?

  • Billing cycles are based on monthly usage. Each billing cycle runs month to month beginning on the 1st and ending on the last day of the month.

What are the taxes and surcharges that appear on my bill?

  • National ComTel is required to collect the federal, state, and local taxes, fees and surcharges levied on telecommunications providers and their customers on behalf of the government entities that administer these charges. In addition, NCT imposes and collects several surcharges on its own behalf. Please refer to our Guide to Federal, state, local taxes and surcharges on our web site.

Does National ComTel bill for partial months?

  • Since your billing date may not coincide with the date your services were installed, you may see partial month billing on your first statement. Partial month billing covers the period of time that your service was installed up to your bill date. The billing period for each recurring charge is identified to the left of the charge. Full month charges will be indicated by start and end dates showing a full month interval. Partial month charges will display start and end dates showing an interval of less than one month.  Some products and services may be charged one month in advance.

What is National ComTel’s Customer Support hours?

  • Our Customer Support Team is available from 7:30 am – 6:30 pm, Monday – Friday Mst
    For weekends and after hours we provided a limited staff that will call you back ASAP.

Where do I send my payments?

  • National ComTel
    9249 S. Broadway #200-422
    Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

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